Join Aquagga's CEO, Nigel Sharp at SOCAP23!

We are thrilled to be participating at SOCAP23, connecting with leaders who share our common goal of making an impact against the world's toughest challenges through market-based solutions.

Aquagga is a cleantech startup revolutionizing the fight to dismantle toxic water pollutants (namely PFAS). It’s Aquagga’s mission to completely destroy these cancer-causing chemicals without harmful byproducts, leaving clean water for generations to come.

What is PFAS?

PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are :

Highly toxic, human-made "forever" chemicals.
Found in air, soil, and water.
Nearly impossible to destroy, complicating environmental cleanup.
Over 200 million potentially exposed to PFAS-contaminated water.
Linked to cancer, immune disruption, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, fertility issues, low birth weight, liver and kidney damage, posing global health concerns.

The Effect on You, Your Family, and Community

Battling Global Water Contamination

At Aquagga, Inc., we're leading a crucial fight against PFAS to protect public health and the environment.

Aquagga is a "Zebra Company" with an explicit mission of positive social impact. Where "unicorn companies" seek competition and hoard resources, "Zebra companies" seek cooperation and share.

We were incorporated in 2019 as a for-profit public benefit corporation with a social and environmental impact provision. We have intentionally positioned ourselves at the intersection of public health and environmental justice.

Our Approach

Utilizing cutting-edge cleantech hardware to eradicate PFAS from water resources.
Enhancing water quality and ecosystem health for a safer future for all.

We’ve built, developed and deployed technology to destroy PFAS at a commercial scale.

Key Achievements

Given the Top Breakthrough Technology prize in the Wastewater industry in 2022.
Exceeded fundraising goals with support from over 200 private backers.
Multi-award winning and also ranked as one of the top water tech startups by groups such as Global Water Intelligence, BlueTech Research.
Embarked on collaborative ventures with major corporations and institutions, promising impactful strides in mitigating some of the toughest water contaminants.
Awarded $5.06M to date in contracts from government agencies including, the EPA, DoD, and more.

Solutions to Fight this Global Issue

Spearhead the global battle against PFAS, a significant threat to water resources, environmental health, and public well-being.
Utilize advanced, affordable, and efficient hardware cleantech solutions.
Eliminate PFAS from global water supplies, improve water quality, protect ecosystems, and safeguard public health.
Our Commitment
Development of tools and technologies for a PFAS-free world.

Amplifying Impact

Aquagga is currently in a phase of exciting expansion in 2023:

Successful community investment campaign on Wefunder, exceeded fundraising goal with over 200 private and angel investors
On-going projects and collaboration with major national and multinational corporations
Numerous letters of support and intent
Team growth

We thank our affiliates, investors, and friends for their support as we expand Aquagga's reach and pursue our mission to eliminate PFAS, ensuring clean, safe drinking water for all!

Looking Ahead

Grateful for the steadfast support from our community.
Committed to expanding our impact and Ending PFAS.™
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