Complex site remediation projects must integrate PFAS destruction to avoid shipping hazardous materials off-site. Our PFAS destruction systems can be brought on-site to dispose of remediation byproducts, compliance wastes, and AFFF stockpiles.

We can work with your team to reduce overall project costs while improving environmental compliance and reducing liability.

Soil Washing

While soil washing reduces the volume of PFAS-impacted material for disposal, it produces several byproducts which need disposal (soil wash water, soil fines).

Integrating HALT into the treatment train allows for safe and effective treatment of concentrated liquid byproducts.

Fire Fighting System Cleanouts

Fire trucks and fire suppression systems used with AFFF must be cleaned out to improve environmental compliance.

Residual wastewater produced during cleaning requires disposal. HALT enables on-site disposal of AFFF cleanout wastewater.

AFFF Stockpile Disposal

Bulk AFFF must be disposed of in a cost-effective manner to facilitate transitions to fluorine-free firefighting foams. Traditional disposal is being phased out, and presents public health concerns.

HALT can be leveraged to help dispose of bulk AFFF stockpiles as legacy disposal options are phased out.
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