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Bench Testing

Ship a small volume of your feedstock to our site for treatability testing. Projects can be executed rapidly at minimal cost for feasibility assessment purposes

Pilot Testing

We bring our Pilot Series unit to your site. You decide the length of deployments (days, weeks, months), and we work together to define demonstration goals

System Deployments

We deploy and integrate our Steed Series units for short-term or periodic treatment needs. Ideal project sizes: 10,000+ gallons of PFAS-impacted liquids or slurries.

Permanent Installations

Permanent installations of our Steed and Stampede Series units are ideal for producers of concentrated PFAS effluents with high throughput needs. We offer O&M contract options, and can work with you to integrate our systems with your plant

Try Before You Buy

We love working with challenging feedstocks and collaborating with clients to identify optimal treatment conditions.

Environmental compliance and discharge management are not areas where clients should take massive risks with new technology. We believe that process validation is a key part of building trust and working toward successful outcomes.

Embrace flexibility

We believe in selling solutions, not products. We deliver outcomes, not just systems.
“We believe that our clients should not be forced to spend millions on capital equipment to meet their remediation and wastewater treatment goals. We recognize the importance of offering flexible pricing and purchasing options for our customers.”
Brian Pinkard, Aquagga CTO

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

What factors impact project pricing
  • Number of samples (Bench and Pilot Testing)
  • Rush testing needed (Bench and Pilot Testing)
  • Feedstock concentrations, profiles, and treatment goals (System Deployments)
  • Desired throughputs (System Deployments and Permanent Installations)
Can Aquagga analyze untreated and treated samples in-house?
We do not have the resources currently to perform water quality and treatment analyses in-house. We contract with third-party labs for routine PFAS testing, and many clients prefer to perform analytical work themselves.
Do you ever offer discounted or free bench testing?
We occasionally can provide discounted Bench Testing services if there is a strategic alignment such as research exploring synergistic technologies. Contact us if you have something in mind.
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