About Aquagga, Inc.

Aquagga is a cleantech startup revolutionizing the fight to dismantle toxic water pollutants (namely PFAS). Aquagga develops advanced, affordable, and efficient PFAS destruction technologies, and has shown destruction rates over 99.9% for long-chain to ultra-short-chain forever chemicals.

It’s Aquagga’s mission to completely destroy these cancer-causing chemicals without harmful byproducts, leaving clean water for generations to come.

What is PFAS?

PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are :

Toxic "forever" chemicals in air, soil, and water.
Found in air, soil, and water.
Nearly indestructible, complicating cleanup.
200+ million exposed to contaminated water.
Global health concerns.

Battling Global Water Contamination

At Aquagga, Inc., we're leading a crucial fight against PFAS to protect public health and the environment. Leveraging our advanced, affordable, and efficient hardware cleantech solutions, we strive to eliminate PFAS from our global water supplies.

Our Approach

Utilize cutting-edge cleantech hardware to eradicate PFAS from water resources.
Enhance water quality and ecosystem health for a safer future for all.

We’ve built, developed, and deployed technology to destroy PFAS at a commercial scale.

Hydrothermal Alkaline Treatment (HALT) Benefits

Our HALT process harnesses the unique properties of hot, compressed water to break the strong carbon-fluorine bonds that hold PFAS together.

No air emissions or toxic byproducts
Continuous processing and short residence time allows for 24/7 operations.
99.99%+ PFAS destruction.
Destroys PFAS compounds including PFOA, PFOS, PFHxS, PFBS, TFA, TFMS.

Foam Fractionation & HALT Treatment Train

Key Achievements

2022 Top Breakthrough Technology awardee in the Wastewater industry.
Multi-award winning and also ranked as a top water tech startup by groups including Global Water Intelligence and BlueTech Research.
Embarked on collaborative ventures with major corporations and institutions addressing challenging water contaminants.
Awarded $5.06M to date in contracts from government agencies including, the EPA, DoD, and more.
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