Our Tech

Destroying PFAS via Modern Manufacturing

The carbon-fluorine bond is one of the strongest bonds in nature

We break all of them and output only safe molecules

Our patented, portable, bolt-on system is like a pressure cooker on steroids. We harness the unique properties of hot, compressed water to destroy any organic matter (including PFAS, microplastics, pharmaceuticals etc.) that flows through as a wet waste slurry, in an energy optimized design. We leverage advanced manufacturing techniques to produce complex part geometries that maximize process efficiency and provide system scalability. Our reactor concept has been fully patented and licensed from the University of Alaska.

System Integration

Aquagga’s portable system destroys PFAS-rich brines and contaminated filter material with no toxic byproducts, eliminating future liability for site managers and environmental remediation companies. Our system is the perfect back-end destruction solution for spent granulated activated carbon (GAC), spent ion exchange resins (IXR), IXR regeneration brine, or reverse osmosis (RO) reject brine.