'A Pressure Cooker on Steroids'

The carbon-fluorine bond is one of the strongest bonds in nature

We break all of them and output only safe by-products

Our containerized systems harness the unique properties of hot, compressed water to convert PFAS to benign salts through the hydrothermal alkaline treatment (HALT) process. In our case studies, we have demonstrated >99% destruction of PFAS in a variety of feedstocks - from AFFF to contaminated groundwater. We do not produce short-chain PFAS or HF as a byproduct. Contact us for more information on our treatment efficacy and compatible feedstocks.

Our Systems are Hungry for PFAS:

  • Membrane reject brines

  • Foam fractionates

  • Landfill leachates

  • AFFF

  • Fire training pond water

  • Thermal vapor condensates

  • Soil wash water

  • Sorbent regeneration byproducts

  • And more....

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