Why Aquagga?

A "quagga" is an extinct relative of the African zebra. We are a "Zebra Company" with an explicit mission of positive social impact. Hence, we are "Aquagga" (Aqua in the name is a bonus).

Where Unicorn companies seek competition, Zebra companies seek cooperation. Where Unicorns hoard resources, Zebras share. We align with the Zebra ethos of creating a "more ethical and inclusive culture to counter existing startup and rat-race culture." We see a world of win-win opportunities, of sustainable prosperity, benefiting our shared communities and environment. 

Aquagga Inc. incorporated in 2019 as a for-profit public benefit corporation with a social and environmental impact provision. We have intentionally positioned ourselves at the intersection of public health and environmental justice, taking an exemplary leadership position in the Alaskan and Washingtonian startup communities, lifting others as we rise.
Aquagga's alignment with Un's SDGs

Changing the World Beyond PFAS Destruction.

6.3 - Clean Water and Sanitation
Aquagga helps eliminate the release of hazardous chemicals, safely treating wastewater.
12.4: Responsible Consumption and Protection
Aquagga helps achieve the environmentally sound management of chemicals, reducing their release to air, soil, and water.

Meet The Aquagga Team

Our herd is 10 team-members strong and growing

Nigel Sharp

Co-Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, technologist, and Techstars Alum, Nigel Sharp has held successive Entrepreneur in Residence roles at the University of Colorado Boulder, and the University of Alaska successfully spinning out CU Boulder IP previously attracting SBIR and Venture Capital through multiple rounds of funding.

Brian Pinkard, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Brian Pinkard has previously spearheaded efforts at the University of Washington to develop mobile hydrothermal systems for the destruction of bulk chemical weapon stockpiles. Brian is a widely published expert in the field of hydrothermal processing.

Chris Woodruff

Co-Founder & COO

Chris Woodruff has a wide breadth of engineering experience spanning the aerospace, consumer electronics, and construction industries. His volunteer work with Engineers Without Borders piqued his interest in projects geared toward making a social and environmental impact.

Alex de Marne

Head of New Product Engineering

Alex de Marne began his engineering career at Boeing, where he working on designing detail parts and large assemblies for airplane interiors. Over his career, Alex has designed parts that are flying on airplanes around the world, optimized manufacturing systems, and developed electromechanical systems in lab and production environments.

Haleigh Reed

Environmental Impact & Communications Specialist

Haleigh previously served in the Alaska Fellows Program (AFP) with Launch Alaska.

Mike Czerski

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Mike is a mechanical engineer with a well-rounded technical background in aerospace and startup environments. He has worked on projects ranging from airplane hydraulics, to football helmet design, to consumer product design, and to the design of an experimental combustion reactor for studying particle formation in flames.

Michaela Isaacs

Marketing Specialist

Michaela is a current student in the University of Washington's Business Administration program

Cody Thomsen

Mechanical Engineer

Cody is a recent graduate from the University of Washington Mechanical Engineering program, currently working to complete his Master's while supporting Aquagga's technical development efforts

Bryan Yembiline

Mechanical Engineer

Bryan is a current student in Georgia Tech's Mechanical Engineering program

Saorise Freyholtz

Social Media Communications Specialist

Saoirse Freyholtz has helped hit rock bands make it to the top of the UK charts with a broad set of marketing and design skills. Passionate about making an impact and actively connected to the co-working community in Tacoma, WA.

Hilary Joyner

Senior Marketing Director


Join our growing team of tomorrow-builders.

At Aquagga, we work together to make the world a cleaner place.