Where did the name Aquagga originate?

A “quagga” is an extinct relative of the African zebra. Our goal is to be a "Zebra company" with an explicit mission of positive social impact - hence, we are “Aquagga” (Aqua in the name is a bonus). We align with the Zebra ethos of creating a “more ethical and inclusive culture to counter existing startup and rat-race culture.” Where Unicorn companies seek competition, Zebra companies seek cooperation. Where Unicorns hoard resources, Zebras share.

We see a world of win-win opportunities, of sustainable prosperity, benefiting our shared communities and environment. Aquagga Inc. incorporated in 2019 as a for-profit public benefit corporation with a social and environmental impact provision. We are intentionally positioning ourselves at the intersection of public health and environmental justice, taking an exemplary leadership position in the Alaskan and Washingtonian startup communities.